On the love of my Life –

They say that the best relationship
Is when he’s your best friend
it becomes a love you worship
The one with no end.

A mix of devotion, love and emotion
I found the one for me
He makes me happy strong and surely,
Sometimes made me angry.

To the one with whom I am free
Whom I chose and still
At times it seems he won’t get me
Getting me he always will.

To the one I owe my knowledge to,
My sickness health and smile
To the one I owe my life to,
I still tend to put him aside.

We had our fights our misunderstandings
And yet he never left me alone
He stole my heart I was still a bantling
Today he’s my sword, my words, my stone.

Love is a term
Love is a feeling
Love is still undefined
Scientists brush the meaning
It’s the reason we are blind.

Let me give you your sight back
From a different perspective
I want you to hear love’s track
It surely won’t be deceptive.

I found the term
I found the feeling
It is defined
Scholars would agree
If only they could read my mind.

He is the song
The right tune
He is harmony
How I wish you could all hear it
You’d Fall for it, eminently.

As a ringtone it will play
You’d put it on repeat
Put you on hold is his way
You’ll get back on your feet.

I would read this to you a thousand times
My prayer it shall be
Tonight a star will shine,
It’s the answer; you love me.

To the one I call the love of my life
To the one all men can be jealous of
To my best friend, tonight I write
He will listen and laugh from the above.

To the reason that I sing,
My gift to you this year
Won’t be offering the voice
This morning I couldn’t hear.

I got a different letter this time
I know what you wished for
You’re asking me to love you in rhyme
You’ll find it at your door.

Happy birthday habibi, je t’aime.