On the AUB’s Elections 2016

Some people will tell you that the AUB elections occurred yesterday. Others will say that March 8 got 8 seats, Campus Choice 5, as well as March 14. Your March 14-Affiliated parents will tell you Campus Choice is stealing their votes, and the second batch will tell you AUB wants March 8 ideology.
Let me tell you a different story.
Dear March 14, no we’re not stealing your votes. Because our campaign and technique aren’t even close to being similar to yours; we deserved our votes, you simply didn’t do well enough.
Dear March 8, congratulations on winning the majority of the USFC seats.
But no, AUB doesn’t want you. No, the students aren’t supporting your mission outside campus. The students voting for you fall into the following categories;
1. The ones you’ve lied to, pretending you’re independent (same goes for march 14 this year).
2. The ones you’ve threatened to hurt.
3. The ones you’ve attracted with bribery.
4. The ones you already hurt and are too scared.
5. The ones who seek acceptance and popularity.
6. The ones who thought that voting for their friend would make a difference. Little do they (including the friend) know, they’ll never be free in decision-making.
7. The ones (which constitute, I bet, around 10-15%) who actually believe in March 8’s mission, and would do anything to win, shake a politician’s hand on live TV, and forget all about the beauty of the elections game, the true experience they’re supposed to gain from it, and the healthy side of it.
The new electoral law this year created even more frustration in me. Seeing the different parties pressure students into choosing a certain preferential vote (watch our new electoral law video to understand more), instead of actually making use of the new law by “selling” their ideas is the main difference between us, and them. You see, they will tell you to #VoteX and not #VoteCampaign. For the simple reason that they think X is the most popular, charismatic person out there and will get as many votes as possible.
“He’ll make us win”.
They push people into voting for them, instead of encouraging them to vote with the proposition of casting a blank. They don’t care about experience, strategy, statistics, student life, and EDUCATING students in politics in order for them to be active, healthy citizens.
They brainwash them, lie to them, bribe them, and act like uncivilized kids.
They suddenly decide to agree on seats, when they’re faced with a third, independent movement (It’s nice to see how tight you are with your mission); just like the politicians today would agree on anything except women’s rights, civil marriage, and the garbage on the streets.
No, the Secular Club isn’t against political parties. No, the Secular Club isn’t against religion. No, the Secular Club doesn’t think it’s perfect. No, the Secular Club isn’t against student life. No, the Secular Club isn’t politically affiliated. No, the Secular Club isn’t apolitical.
Yes, the Secular Club is independent. Yes, we discuss our ideas all year long. Yes, we know how to write bylaws. We want a healthy political life, with different parties. We want the end of sectarianism, the end of corruption. We want student life, otherwise we wouldn’t be teaching you how to vote, we wouldn’t have created “platforms” in our game, we wouldn’t have taken so much time spreading our ideas, and not our pictures.
We’re evolving. On the day of, our members in FAFS get votes for FAS, members from FAS get votes for OSB, because it’s not about the individual, the team, the faculty, the family, the religion, it’s about the cause.
We’ve been attacked on social media and handled it like bosses, we are suffocated by rumors and yet, surprise surprise, we’re still growing, this year with 5 seats.
Is this what would happen to a group of people against religion? A group of double-agents? A group of liars? A group that doesn’t care about students?
Would this happen with anything else than the biggest, INFLUENTIAL independent student organization in the country? The one that spreads its ideas outside of campus instead of accepting what’s imposed from outside, because of a war that occurred 40 years ago?

Our secret? we had the biggest campaign in AUB this year, and the best part is, every single member feels like family.

Here is my different story:
Some people will tell you that the AUB elections occurred yesterday, I’ll tell you they started 8 years ago and the results aren’t even close to being official.